Product Design Innovation: AI, Big Data, Brainwave, VR, AR, IoT

Innovation As A Service

I led the design and development of ToyBox, which does amazing things. We've solved for not only the elusive 'how to do rapid prototyping' problem, but have extended that to advanced technologies and big corporate projects.

  • Rapidly prototype complex solutions.

  • Use next-generation technologies like Conversational Ai, VR/AR, Internet of Things.

  • Re-imagine the future of business with integrated design thinking workshops.

I also developed a product sales funnel using a crowdsourced model, providing one of the only monetization models of its kind.

I created a campaign geared toward corporate innovation and emerging technology. Promoting a corporate application is normally a dry thing, so we made it juicy. It gained traction pretty quickly.


Search for a solution among existing prototypes, then edit them in innovation workshops.


Simple, strong, intuitive. The mobile design compares favorably with those done by Apple and Google.


The design concept is super-simple in keeping with the ToyBox concept.

But what you can do is huge.