The Apple Engineers Couldn't Believe This Ai Product

A New Level Of Product Design


After publishing an article in Search Engine Watch calling for innovation, I was called upon to deliver the goods myself!

I designed and developed a solution that uses an Ai-enhanced EEG wearable to deliver a new experience in search.

Extreme Design

I used extreme design, blending various disciplines, to collaborate with hardware and software device experts to design and build the first brain to iPhone interface.  I developed the concept, technical framework, design, mapping algorithm, and feature set.


Above is a high-level schematic. A hallmark of good design is making the product easy to use, regardless of the complexity of the underlying technology. Only a couple of people in the world were capable to doing the development work.

Search the Web Using the Power of Your Thoughts Alone!

ESPforMe was covered in Search Engine Watch and Apple World Today.

Below are some iPhone screenshots. The wearable connects to the purple circle, which you can control, Ouija-like, to search and display Web sites. When you download the app, and don your brainwave headset, you can train it to read your thoughts, and then use your brainwaves to perform basic search, in concert with other users - hands free.


Apple engineers thought it was a trick and rejected the app, demanding rigorous proof. We supplied it, and the app was approved!