The $1B Design

Design That Grabs Customers

I led a team of 10 for the design and development of a new eCommerce and customer acquisition system for AMEX. Many customers were bailing on a complex card application process that had to account for many different products and customer types.

How do you get more customers to navigate a complex process to sign up for credit cards, cross-sell, and up-sell?

The answer is: micro-interactions!


How We Did It

I led an agile, global team of 15 designers and developers to identify all kinds of [mostly] small, design, business, and usability issues. We fixed them using a process I created that incorporates rapid prototyping and rigorous user testing.


The Result

The new design had clearer messaging and interactions for multiple user types, which resulted in fewer user errors and abandonments. Customers can now re-use saved application data from any existing account when they apply for a new card, saving tons of time.

The result delivered $1B per year in direct revenue according to an official client report.