Mobile Finance - Digital Transformation Overnight

Identity Crisis Solved

What does AMEX do? It’s not just about cards, it’s about service. It’s about travel. Imagine how much better the customer experience would be if it focused on that - instead of billing.

I led a team of designers and developers in an agile process that delivered a fully functioning prototype in one month.


A Complex, Multi-Phase Project

I steered teams through strategy, concepting, and multiple deliverables.


Product Design Strategy

We identified the key business drivers - travel, expenses, and a seamless UX.

Travel is the core value-added service, so customers should have a single entry point for their itinerary, maps, tickets, payments, and recommendations from colleagues.


Personae, Workflows, User Journey Maps.

We used various research and design techniques in quick, effective iterations.


Digital transformation overnight!

When customers logged into the original app, they saw this:

“Your payment of $1100.51 is due today.”

Now they see this:

 "You have a trip planned."

The new experience integrates card services with the fun aspects of travel. It is geo-aware, offering multiple new paths of engagement and card offers.

There is also a social dimension - customers can find hotels and restaurants their colleagues have used, which is huge for business travelers who want to save time and be confident the expenses will be approved.