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Make Extreme Complexity Super Simple

A major financial services firm needed a new design for the customer service part of its new lending program. It inherited a design that was extremely complex and hard to use.

Design Process, Collaboration, and Mentorship

I led a small agile team that was part of a large cohort of other teams. We redesigned the experience so that it fit the task flow of the customer service reps. When the rep gets a call, they authenticate the customer before providing account information. They also have to rapidly cycle through related hierarchies of information as they field calls on the fly.


Designers shouldn't create complex maps, they should transform them into simple ones.


Below: The phone rings, a screen pops up, and the rep looks up the customer.


Customers can easily be authenticated using multiple criteria.


Each level of detail is presented as it is needed, an intuitive approach that drastically reduced wait times and error rates. When the call is done, the agent presses the customer's button -  which closes all the tabs, wiping the slate clean!



The design was so well-received that other teams immediately began incorporating it into related products - saving lots of time while improving the experience and decreasing development costs.