Internet Of Things

Digital Vending Machine

I led the design of the Diji-Touch - one of the first Internet of Things.

The digital vending machine has a wide variety of technologies and experiences that were developed in silos, and the project was stalled.

I used multiple design techniques, and collaborated with many subject matter experts.

Then I reviewed the features, built a master flowchart through workshops, created use cases, designed the user experience, and presented the result to the client.

We integrated multiple new technologies.

diji touch process.png

Integrated Marketing and eCommerce

A giant touch-screen display handles transactions, while multiple integrated technologies handle eCommerce, advertising, and marketing. Live video ads appear on the screen, drawing customers in.


The World's Biggest iPhone?

The project was a hit!

And we got it done quickly.

The vending machine has a digital interface, integrated promotional videos, complete logistics, ecommerce, and facial recognition.