A Product That Beat Facebook AND Instagram?!

Laserthread - Featured in Adweek / SocialTimes.

I created Laserthread as an antidote for people who are sick of traditional social media. It is an iPhone app that spins multiple network connections into a unified messenger. It has advanced features including 4D chat, AR filters, and an integrated FaceTime map.

App Screen Showcase.png

Product Design On Steroids

I led every aspect of design and development, working closely with a range of app experts in an agile mode. We kept documentation to a minimum, instead relying on clear communication and simple diagrams, per the best practice for startups.

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Beating Facebook and Instagram

I used some specialized social and marketing techniques to drive downloads in an extremely competitive market.

With Facebook I got some very high engagement rates. Lots of work went into the creative and messaging. In one case, I even got views for an ad that had not been published!



Here telling a story that resonates is critical. Sounds simple, but I had to go through lots of versions to arrive at the winner.


We got some pretty good numbers.



Complex functionality made super simple raises the bar for elegant design in an Apple platform product. In the fastest growing app market we even briefly beat Facebook and Instagram.